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Make Your Life Easy: Connecting Your Home Through Automation

June 14, 2022

Remember the good times we used to have with automation back in the 70s and 80s? We recorded funny messages for our answering machines, so when they automatically answered the phone for us, our missed calls had to sit through a three-minute introduction before finally leaving a message after the beep. With some finagling and the occasional swear word, we could program the VCR to automatically record our favorite TV programs. Set to the right time, the coffee pot would start percolating even before we got out of bed… and keep percolating every day from thence forward unless you remembered to turn off the auto-brew.

Those were the days. 

Technology has exponentially evolved since the automation of our youth, and that’s especially true when it comes to home automation. Answering machines and VCRs are relegated to the top shelf of your basement closet, we have smartphones to cover a multitude of technological advances, and… okay, you probably still have to program your coffeepot to make coffee on time.

Home automation can be taken to new heights these days. Using your smartphone, you can connect a myriad of devices and manage them all from your phone.

Home Entertainment Automation

One such way you can make your life simpler—and more fun—is through home automation’s A/V capabilities. Think beyond recording your favorite show. With automation, you can control your home’s lighting to create just the right atmosphere for every occasion. You can control your music selections room by room, adjust the volume, lower the blinds, turn on the TV, and queue up a movie, all from your smartphone.

Home automation isn’t just a fun gadget, it simplifies all of the controls, cords, remotes, equipment, and more into one handy system that can be controlled by phone or even with voice commands. Home theaters become the place all of your friends and family want to be. 

Energy-Saving Control and Security at Your Fingertips

Beyond the fun of home automation, there are several practical benefits as well. Connect your utilities to your phone and control the climate in your home. Program temperature adjustments to save energy while you’re away or asleep. Automate lighting throughout your home to turn off and on at certain times. 

Using home automation, you can keep your home safe and secure as well. Open and shut your garage door from anywhere in the world so the UPS man can safely drop off a package. Monitor your security system. Lock and unlock your doors. 

You can even automate your coffee pot (or tea kettle, or microwave… basically whatever you can plug into an outlet can become a smart device).

It’s time to leave behind the technologies of the past and bring your home (Or church! Or business!) into the 21st century. BCU Electric can take you there. Learn more about home automation technologies offered through BCU Electric.

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