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Outdoor Lighting Solutions: The Affordable Home Accent that Packs a Punch

April 20, 2022

We put a lot of thought into the inside of our homes. We want to feel comfortable and cozy, and we want others to feel that way, too. We want our homes to be a reflection of ourselves, but most people never see within our four walls. So why not invest more time and energy on the outside of our homes? 

Landscaping seems like the obvious choice to accomplish that goal, and it is. But the only thing more impressive than attractive landscaping is the perfect outdoor lighting to accent and highlight all the beautiful external features of your humble abode. The right outdoor lighting can take your space to the next level with the flick of a switch- or the setting of the sun!

Your options for outdoor lighting are almost endless, so we won’t bog you down with all the electrical jargon. What we will do, however, is tell you the three best types of outdoor lighting to use in an exterior home makeover.


1.) Market Lights

The popularity of market lighting has exploded over the last five years. Aside from the effortless, upscale look of it, market lighting is durable, efficient, and affordable. 

In these uncertain times, we’ve grown more reliant on outdoor gatherings, big and small. Our outdoor entertaining spaces have been put to the test, and they’ve shown us what they can do. What better way to set the tone of a safe and fun social event than with some classic market lighting?

Market lights are the perfect accent for an outdoor entertainment space, like a pergola, patio, pavilion, or pool. When the sun goes down and the lights go up, your backyard will be the envy of the neighborhood with its modern industrial yet trendy vibes.


2.) Landscape Lights

When it comes to landscape lighting, you really can’t go wrong. This type of outdoor lighting allows you to highlight both nature’s beauty and the curb appeal of your home without the light of day. 

There are several different varieties of landscape lighting, and they all serve different purposes. Some provide a sense of security, while others are more ornamental. The three most common types of landscape lighting are spotlights, floodlights, and path lights.

Spotlights can be placed at higher or lower elevations to accentuate the features of your home. For example, spotlights can be installed at ground level to shine upward towards your home in the evening. They could also be installed along the roofline to shine downward along the exterior and into your flower beds. Spotlights serve the dual purpose of beautification as well as security.

Floodlights are typically installed along a roof or garage line and are motion-sense devices. Whether they activate as you’re getting out of your car to walk into your home at night or they turn on as a guest or perhaps even a stranger approaches your home, floodlights can provide an added measure of safety for your family.

Path lights, similar to spot lights, serve more of a dual purpose. They adorn the walking and entertainment areas of your home’s outdoor spaces, which is both an attractive night-time feature and a safety measure for you and your guests. 

These three forms of landscape lighting are versatile, multifunctional, and cost-effective. 


3.) Outdoor Sconces

Sconces exude a classic elegance that almost instantly elevates the vibe of a space. When used outdoors, sconces make a clear statement: “This is my sanctuary.”

There are many styles of sconces, from modern to rustic to traditional. So whatever your personal taste, you're sure to find a sconce that suits it. In addition to the style variety, sconces can also be installed in a myriad of locations, allowing them to serve multiple functions- not unlike some of the landscape lighting options we’ve discussed. 

Sconces can elevate the look and feel of your home’s exterior while serving a practical function.

The Bottom Line on Lighting

We’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of all the outdoor lighting options at your fingertips. At BCU Electric, our residential electricians can offer you the best solutions for your outdoor lighting needs, not to mention installation and customization- think mood lighting, color, and music syncing. One of our favorite things to do is help our neighbors solve problems, and if we create something fun and inviting in the process, well that’s even better. Contact our Residential Project Manager, Jeremy Barker, to learn more about what BCU Electric can bring to your outdoor space. 

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