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6 Reasons to Hire a Local Electrical Contractor

April 22, 2021

First things first: electrical work is not the time to exercise your DIY know-how! Professional electricians undergo extensive training in order to meet National Electrical Code (NEC) standards that help them install wires, cables, and breakers correctly and safely. It is simply not worth the risk of fire or shock to try those tasks on your own. Aside from safety concerns, there are a number of other compelling reasons to hire local professionals.

Still not convinced? Read about the dangers of DIY electrical work.

1. Response Time

Local contractors can get to your place quickly because, well, they’re local! With a focus on their own backyard, they’ll show up to yours usually within the same day. When you have an emergency, the team at BCU is available 24/7 to get you back in business quickly and safely. 

2. Keeping Dollars Local

Communities grow stronger by investing their dollars where they live and work. By calling a local electrical contractor to serve your home, business, school, or health care facility, you’re building a mutual, long-lasting relationship you can feel good about. 

3. Community Involvement

A contractor who stays in the community has the privilege of serving the community as well. BCU Electric not only helps Ashland businesses thrive through exceptional electric work, but supports schools, churches, and nonprofits by contributing volunteer hours and sponsorship dollars. 

4. Warranty

A local contractor isn’t going anywhere! At BCU, we stand behind the work we do by meeting all warranties. We are a long-standing company that isn't going anywhere any time soon. Independent one-man band contractors on the other hand, may be here one day and gone the next. 

5. Ease of Communication 

Local contractors get to know their communities and care about the people who live and work alongside them. When you call BCU Electric, you get a friendly, human voice on the other side of the line. Want to connect in person? We’re in Ashland, just like you! You’re invited to come see us and say hello at our newly renovated facilities located on Highway 250. 

6. Reputation

You can read about a contractor all you want, but until you receive that treasured confirmation via word of mouth that they’re worth their salt, you’ll never have the peace of mind that you’re getting the best. BCU Electric is honored to stand behind our leading reputation in the community, with countless references from the citizens of Ashland themselves. 

While hiring a one-man-band electrical contractor may be cheaper, when you work with BCU you'll have peace of mind that your home's systems are in the hands of local experts. Call us today to chat about your next home project. 

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