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Dangers of DIY Electrical Work: Don’t Try This At Home

September 16, 2020

We’ve all laughed at disastrous DIY attempts, from teddy bear cupcakes that look more like monsters to unfortunate haircuts requiring a month or two under a hat. Mistakes with DIY electrical projects, however, are no laughing matter. In fact, they can lead to serious injury—or worse.

Who Needs Professionals?

Electricians undergo extensive training to learn about circuit breakers and their ratings, wires and cables (and which circuits to connect them to), conductors (and how many can go inside certain boxes), where to drill holes in wall studs and floor joists, and when and where to install GFCI and AFCI breakers. Along with the complex National Electrical Code (NEC) of safety standards which is constantly evolving and changing, these are just some of the details an electrician must keep in mind when wiring a home. 

The Risks

Even just one seemingly minor mistake can result in serious damage or harm. Mix and match the wrong breakers and wires, turn off the wrong breaker, or nick a cable with a drywall screw, and you can find yourself in trouble. 


From an unexpected zing to a painful jolt or a fatal, high-voltage shock, electrical shock is a serious risk that can cause burns, breathing problems, numbness, unconsciousness, and an irregular heartbeat. There is no undoing a serious injury from faulty electrical work. 


A DIY electrical project may go smoothly in the process and even get the lights and appliances working well for months or years. However, a project not done to code can present a latent fire hazard that puts the home and family in danger down the road. When it comes to fire risks, out of sight is not out of mind. 


Perhaps you complete a DIY electrical project that serves your family just fine. You came away unscathed, and your home, thank goodness, doesn’t catch fire. However, if you go to sell your home and inspection reveals that your work is not up to code, you may be subject to paying substantial fines and putting your plans on hold. Going back into walls to fix repairs can end up costing much more than what you saved in the moment by doing it yourself. 

Without proper training and licensing, you can cause damage to your home and put the safety of your family at risk. Don’t try to fix electrical problems yourself. Contact Us today to get your home electrical quote started. 

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