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Does a whole house generator increase the value of your home?

March 11, 2021

Are you considering adding a back-up generator to your home? You can’t place a monetary value on the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home’s systems will keep working no matter what snow, storm, wind, or other power outage situation hits your neighborhood. However, you can also save some serious physical dollars by adding a whole house generator to your property.

Increased Home Value

Today’s house shoppers are looking for properties that are not only attractive and comfortable, but safe and practical as well. With so many storms in the news these days, it’s no wonder that back-up generators are growing in popularity. A whole house generator increases your home value up to 5%, according to Consumer Reports, and according to a 2014 report by Remodeling Magazine, installing a back-up generator can provide a 150% return on your investment. So if you spent $10,000 on installing a generator, for example, you can expect a home value increase up to $15,000. 

Insurance Savings 

Many insurers reward homeowners for taking the precaution of installing a back-up generator to their home. It makes sense: if your home’s valuable systems and appliances, such as sump pumps, central air conditioning units, dehumidifiers , and refrigerators continue to operate in the event of a power outage, you’ll be protecting your property from severe damage—and the insurance claims that can come with it. 

Most insurers offer a discount of around 5% on the property portion of a homeowners policy with proof of a whole house generator permanently installed by a licensed professional. Depending on where you live, discounts can even reach 10%. 

Installing a whole house generator will not only bring security to your home, but value and savings as well—as long as the installation is performed by professionals. Call BCU today to learn more about installing a whole house generator. 

If saving a few dollars isn't enticing to you, check out these 5 Reasons Homeowners Should Have a Whole House Generator.


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