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5 Reasons Homeowners Should Have a Whole House Generator

July 28, 2020

Power outages are extremely inconvenient, interrupting the flow of the day and derailing the best-made plans. Even more, they can be expensive, potentially costing a family thousands. We know that all areas can be susceptible to power outages, so consider investing in a whole house generator to prevent the consequences of power loss. 

Keep Your Fridge Running

When the power goes out, most people think about the refrigerator first. According to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, food can last up to four hours in a closed refrigerator and 48 hours in the freezer. All it takes is one bad storm to lose a significant portion of your family’s food supply. With a generator, you will not have to worry about losing food—or yelling at the kids to "keep the door closed!"

Keep Your Sump Pump Going 

A major storm can unleash a double whammy of power loss and flooding. If your sump pump goes out of commission (and the backup, too), you may face major losses. With a whole house generator, you’ll know that the sump pump will do its job no matter what, and if you hear of bad weather back home while you’re out of town, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your basement is staying dry. 

Keep Working

With more people working from home these days or attending school online, power is a necessity. You can’t afford to miss an important virtual meeting. Even if you leave for work every day, a power outage can throw a major wrench in getting dressed, making breakfast, and gathering supplies as you prepare for your day. A home generator ensures that you don’t lose out on valuable hours of productivity.

Keep Connected

Phones and laptops will only last so long before needing a charge. A power outage can mean a loss of communication with loved ones and the inability to follow important updates about conditions. Internet access, especially during an emergency, will be at a premium. A generator will keep your devices and routers running. And there’s nothing wrong with catching up on some Netflix while you’re waiting for things to get back to normal. 

Keep Secure

With home automation, electricity may power your security systems, locks, garage doors, and other equipment in the home. A weather emergency is not the time to get your car stuck in the garage, or worse, make your family and possessions vulnerable to intruders. With a home generator, all your automated systems will continue to work as intended—keeping your life running safely and smoothly.

To learn what home generator is best for your family, contact BCU.

Want to know more about other home services like security systems or home automation? Visit our Residential Services page. 

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