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Aaron Brenneman

Aaron Brenneman


Automation and Engineering Director

At BCU Since



After earning his bachelors of science and completing some graduate work, Aaron began his engineering career in the automotive field in 2008


Aaron enjoys cooking, being a dad to 3 kids, reading, learning to play keyboard/piano, building projects with his kids and tinkering on projects in the garage

Three Things on Your Bucket List

1. See the Grand Canyon 2. Fly a helicopter 3. Travel to Europe

Best Advice You've Ever Heard

"Don't believe everything you read on the Internet"- Abraham Lincoln

Coffee-Making Skills on a Scale of 1-10


Three Values that Drive You

Learning, accomplishing and problem-solving

What You Wanted to Grow Up to Be as a Kid

A pilot

Three Words that Describe BCU

Premium, evolving, follow-through

Miscellaneous Insight About Yourself

I'm a lefty!

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