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Electrical Apprenticeship Program: How We Bring Quality to You

July 18, 2022

Skilled trade workers are in high demand these days – something for which BCU Electric is quite thankful. But just as important as the demand is the supply that brings these workers into the force. Most skilled trades work in conjunction with local unions, which provide education and training in addition to all the other benefits of these organizations. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), in particular, supplies us with the highly qualified construction workers and electricians that allow us to serve our community.

As the world continues searching for construction workers and electricians, the need for new IBEW members continues to grow. We are thrilled to partner with our home local chapter and those around the country to have skilled workers on all of our projects. At BCU, we have also implemented an in-house training program to coincide with the education provided by the IBEW that exposes all of our apprentices to a variety of hands-on experiences. These sessions are led by our experienced electricians, who have been successful in the trade for decades

We’re proud to be a union contractor, and we’re proud of the excellent education our construction workers and electricians receive. In this post, we’ve provided a snapshot of the electrical apprenticeship program our electricians complete.

IBEW Education and Training

The electrical apprenticeship is a five-year program made up of in-class instruction and fieldwork.

The class schedule varies based on the apprenticeship ‘year,’ which is broken down below. Most local union chapters conduct classes once or twice a week after normal working hours. These classes include coursework, labs, and hands-on learning opportunities. Attending class is mandatory and non-negotiable. All classes are broken down based on level, creating equitable learning opportunities for those at various stages in their apprenticeship. 

Apprenticeship Levels: 

  1. Apprentice 1
  2. Apprentice 2
  3. Apprentice 3
  4. Apprentice 4
  5. Apprentice 5

Upon completion of the program, electricians are classified in the following terms:

  • Journeyman
  • Foreman
  • General Foreman
  • Supervisor

Some locals also provide a variety of other apprenticeships, such as Data Technician, Oil & Gas Specialist, Construction Worker (CW), and Construction Electrician (CE) opportunities. 

All levels within the apprenticeship are required to perform fieldwork. This is essentially working on what you’ve learned while on the job – or job training. All apprentices must have their supervisor fill out appraisal forms that are submitted to their in-class instructors on a regular basis. This time period also allows for apprentices to work in multiple environments, performing a variety of tasks. This practice ensures that all apprentices are well-rounded when they graduate from the program.

What if I have experience?

No problem. The IBEW has created a classification for just that. Workers with measurable experience in the field can apply to be a Construction Electrician of varying levels. Once the individual has proven their capabilities, they can move up the CE ranks or apply to sit for the Journeyman exam. If they pass the exam, they can officially join the IBEW and become a Journeyman Wireman. 

We believe the education and training you’ll receive as an apprentice through the IBEW is truly first-class. If you or someone you know is considering becoming an electrician, give our office a call to learn more about joining the electrical trade today. 

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