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Employee Childcare: BCU Electric Leading the Way

June 17, 2022

At BCU Electric, we pride ourselves on our community involvement and investment. We believe that our community is a family, and we operate our organization as an extension of that, founded on family values. That’s why we know how vital a healthy work-family balance is and the role quality, affordable childcare plays in that balance. Our goal is to help the working parents of our community by participating in the Ashland County Community Foundation Women’s Fund Childcare Initiative, which includes the creation of a childcare center devoted to the hardworking employees of Ashland County and their families.

We can’t contain our excitement for this project, so we’d like to share the preliminary details.

What is the ACCF Women’s Fund Childcare Initiative?

The ACCF Women’s Fund Childcare Initiative is a program being led by the Women’s Fund Steering Committee that aims to expand access to high-quality, affordable childcare in Ashland County. 

The initiative is operating with a two-pronged approach to help meet the childcare needs of working families in our area. Firstly, all 2021 and 2022 distributions from the Women’s Fund will be allocated to grants that support new childcare projects or to enhance current childcare options in Ashland County. Secondly, the initiative will spearhead the creation of a new childcare center at Ashland Business Park. 

After speaking with local families, interviewing social service and childcare providers in the community, and gathering data and research, it became apparent to the Women’s Fund Steering Committee that working families are in desperate need of access to childcare. More specifically, our community has a need for infant and toddler care, and also for center-based childcare that falls outside of traditional work hours. Furthermore, much of the childcare that is currently available is financially out of reach for many families- specifically single-parent and low-income households with multiple children. Oftentimes, the financial burden forces parents, usually women, out of the workforce, or causes some families to resort to childcare that is less desirable or even unsafe. 

The hope is that by supporting current childcare offerings in Ashland County and implementing a new childcare center designed especially for working and single-parent families, the ACCF Women’s Fund can meet a community need and better serve the women, children, and families that call Ashland County home.

The Impact

The ACCF Women’s Fund believes that the impact of this initiative will be both direct and indirect, and benefit more parties than just those families served by the initiative.

  • Women and families - With access to high-quality and affordable childcare, parents will have the ability to remain in the workforce and continue building their careers. They’ll have the opportunity to provide for their families financially while also ensuring their children’s social, emotional, physical, developmental, and educational needs are being met in a clean, safe, and loving environment.

  • Children - The children served by this childcare initiative will experience a safe, stable, and educational environment in which their needs are met by highly-qualified early childhood professionals. This will enable them to thrive during these crucial early years, and they’ll have a foundation for success as they move into their future educational experiences and social lives.

  • Businesses - Adequate childcare resources benefit employers as it opens a broader and more highly-qualified candidate pool. Additionally, businesses will enjoy higher employee retention, lower burnout rates, and less absenteeism and turnover. They will also reap the benefits of a stronger future workforce.

  • Community - Our community is at the heart of this initiative, especially the working families, single parents, and their children. The ACCF Women’s Fund believes that when everyone in our community has an equitable opportunity to be successful and happy, we’ll all be better for it. When families and children thrive, when businesses thrive, the entire community thrives. Ashland County will benefit from increased economic development, decreased drug use and crime, greater financial stability for families, and a brighter future for our children.

How Can I Help?

The ACCF Women’s Fund Steering Committee has identified strategic partners, received a property donation for the center, and outlined budgets for the center’s creation and sustainability. They have applied for various grant funding opportunities as well. However, they’ve set a goal of $3.5 million for construction and startup funding in addition to $1 million for operations. To reach this goal, they’ll need the support of businesses, organizations, and individuals alike.

To donate to the childcare initiative, click and follow the link below:

Donate to Ashland County Community Foundation Women's Fund

BCU Electric is proud to be involved in the ACCF Women’s Fund Childcare Initiative. We believe it will serve our community and our own families, making us all stronger in turn.

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