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Electrical and Lighting Tips to Consider When You Are Building a New Home

April 19, 2022

When it comes to building a new home, you have the opportunity to decide on every single thing, including electrical and lighting options. This can be overwhelming for some people, while others are delighted to get down into the nitty-gritty of planning. 

The technological advances in energy efficiency, electricity, and lighting in the last few decades have revolutionized the possibilities for new homes. Whether you are overwhelmed or excited about the prospects, we want to offer a few tips about electrical and lighting options to save you money and frustration later on. 

Planning for Power

As you evaluate the configuration of each room in your home, keep in mind what communication devices, appliances, and light fixtures will require access to power outlets and where you expect to place your electronics. Today’s outlets can include USB charging stations and other features that give you flexibility in electric access. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your electrician; hide outlets on your kitchen island, inside drawers, underneath cabinets, and elsewhere—your imagination’s the limit. Review your home’s plans with your electrician to have a hand in deciding what you need, where you need it, and creative possibilities for how to access power in unique spaces, like closets and pantries.

Your electrician should be aware of what appliances will be hardwired, the number of lighting fixtures, and how much power you need to support the outlets in the house when planning your electric panel and wiring. A 100- to 200-amp electrical service should be sufficient for most standard-sized homes, but talk to your electrician if you are concerned about supporting the power needs in your home, particularly if you plan to install a built-in vacuum system, home entertainment theaters with surround sound capabilities, or other high-power consumption devices. 

Lighting and Switches

The options on the market today sure aren’t your grandma’s light switches and lighting fixtures. Designed for energy efficiency and aesthetics, you can do far more than illuminate a room; now, you can create a lighting experience. Light switches come in a wide variety of designs and colors to add a special finished touch to a room in addition to offering a variety of control options.

Work with your electrician and interior designer to ask about what options are available, how to add variety in accent lighting or ceiling fixtures, and to coordinate the best lighting for each room’s purpose. When you are making your lighting choices, always begin with the function of the space—what will you need to do in this space, and how do you want that space to feel? This can help guide you in the selection of the appropriate lighting.

Home Automation and Energy Efficiency

With rising energy costs and increasing attention on environmental impact, now is a great time to assess your energy efficiency and build into your home the most energy efficient options available to impact your bottom line in the long run. Home automation options including light sensors, remote controls, and timers can reduce your energy costs and be built into the design of your home to give you whole-house automation right from the start. 

Home Security

Home automation systems tie in nicely with home security these days, making it easy to monitor your home from your smartphone while you are away from the house. Incorporating home security systems upfront will reduce overall expense and allow comprehensive integration into the rest of your home’s functionality.

Whole-House Generator

The unpredictability of weather systems in our area is bound to cause power outages, which can do untold damage to your home depending on the season. Installing a whole-home generator system upfront protects your home against power outages in the winter—when pipes can freeze—and throughout the year, preventing food spoilage, uncomfortable sleeping conditions, access to power for cell phones and electronic devices, and so on.

There’s a lot that goes into planning your home. Let our team of electrical engineers help you make informed decisions about wiring. BCU Electric specializes in comprehensive residential electric services, including installation, home automation, security, and whole-house generators. Invite us into your planning process. Learn more about BCU Electric today.

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