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How Process Engineering Makes all of Our Lives Easier

January 04, 2022

Process Engineers

Here’s a fun fact: There are lots of different types of engineers. Chemical engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers, and mechanical engineers often get all the attention, but somewhere in there are the process engineers, and they have one of the most important jobs of all.

BCU Electric is the proud home of an excellent engineering division, boasting electrical engineers as well as process engineers. Both serve the company and our clients in important ways, but today, we’re giving some long-overdue air time to our process engineers;

What is a process engineer?

A process engineer is responsible for designing and implementing systems and equipment that produce goods from raw materials. They make the manufacturing of these goods possible by providing factories and plants with the designs and mechanical technology that create products we use every day. 

Process engineers sometimes utilize robotics to accomplish the production of certain commodities, and they occasionally work with chemicals. But their work often begins with research, data collection and analysis, and experimentation. Based on their findings, they can then design and implement the equipment that will facilitate the most efficient processes.

It’s not all fun and games for process engineers, though; they are responsible for some administrative duties as well. For example, quoting jobs, the procurement of equipment, and overseeing operations and the safety of employees. 

Why are they important?

Process engineers are important because they make it possible for us to have the items we use on a daily basis. Tires, corrugated boxes, automotive glass, and even ice all come from facilities that utilize process engineers in the manufacturing of their products. 

From a manufacturing perspective, process engineers create and implement technological processes that make manufacturing more efficient and therefore more cost-effective. In some cases, process engineers design technology that helps factories become more environmentally friendly.

Either way you slice it, process engineers are a vital part of the industry.

Process Engineers at BCU Electric

The engineering division at BCU Electric is comprised of four engineers, each providing a specialized service. Out of those four, two of them are process engineers.

Our process engineers work on projects that involve mechanical design, small process equipment, robotics, and system integration. Their client list includes companies both big and small, from local, family-owned businesses to national powerhouses that specialize in next-day grocery delivery.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re grabbing meat at your local butcher shop or having steaks delivered right to your door, process engineers have been involved somewhere along the way. Remember that next time you cut into that New York Strip.

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