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Community Investment- What Is It and How Can You Practice It?

December 28, 2021

“If you build it, they will come.” 

You’d be hard-pressed to find a red-blooded American who hasn’t heard this iconic quote. In context, of course, it refers to a baseball field that will materialize the most legendary players of yesteryear. But if you use your imagination, you can apply those seven words to just about anything- like community investment, for example.

Community investment is a philanthropic avenue that allows businesses to dedicate resources to charitable or public causes. It’s what makes a location someplace special to those who call it home. Investing in your community seems like a no-brainer, but many companies are unaware of the benevolent opportunities that exist, are unsure if they have the additional resources to spare, or just don’t know how impactful their involvement could be.

Sometimes all they need is a little push in the right direction, a reason for giving something without getting anything back. So here are three good ones. 

It’s Just Good Marketing

When a business allocates time and resources to the needs of its community, it becomes more visible. Community members start to recognize the names and logos on the vehicles and merchandise they see involved in the projects and events happening around town. It’s simply a good look.

All of a sudden, when someone has a breaker issue, they remember the initials BCU and the word ‘electric’ from the side of the truck they saw hanging the giant Christmas wreath downtown. Not only do they know who to call, they feel good about calling a company that gives back to their community.

All The Feels

The potential of new business is obviously alluring, but community investment does something for you even better than fatten your wallet. It makes you feel good inside!

It’s scientifically proven that doing something good for someone or something increases your levels of serotonin, the chemical in your brain that gives you the warm fuzzies. But it’s not just you who’ll be doing all the feeling. Good deeds make other people feel good, too.

Take the Corner Park in Ashland, for example. BCU Electric's contribution to that project will allow families to enjoy a fun, new space for years to come. They'll feel good, and the company will feel good about making the families feel good. It's a win-win.

Playing The Long Game

When communities contain companies that invest in them, they become better places to live. Community members thrive, businesses thrive, and the town grows in more ways than one. 

Vibrant, growing communities attract people. And more people are good for business. More people means more customers, sure, but it also means more job candidates. 

If your goal is to employ the best of the best, the best way to start is by making your community the best place to live, a place where talented, generous people want to be. 

BCU Electric Invests In Its Community

BCU Electric is proud to participate in community investment opportunities all year-’round. Over the last several years, we’ve been blessed to experience the kind of business growth many companies only dream about. We know none of it would have been possible without the support of our community, so making sure we take the time to give back to our hometown is one of our highest priorities and something we’re incredibly proud of. No matter how big or small the job or the impact, community causes are important to us. We know that when we invest in our community and the people who live here, it makes us better. And that’s what we strive for each day- to be better.

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