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4 Benefits of Automations in Autumn

September 28, 2021

At BCU Electric, we understand the value of home and that your role in managing your home is important to you. As the seasons change there are different challenges to consider, but with home automation / smart home devices, it's easier and more affordable than ever to manage these challenges. Here are 4 benefits that home automation / smart home devices can offer you this autumn. 

1. Getting a Warm Welcome Home

Automated Lights and Temperature Control

There's nothing quite like arriving home at the end of a cool autumn day with the lights on for you and the temperature set just right. But it's also important to reduce energy use while no one is home. Now, there is no need to choose between comfort and efficiency. Smart lights and thermostats can be programmed to adjust throughout the day so that not only can you arrive to comfort, but your lighting and thermostat can be managed efficiently while you are away — a win for you and a win for your wallet!

2. Get More Control at Your Door During Colder and Darker Days

Automated Door Locks and Doorbell Cameras

Smart devices can provide loads of function to entryways that are helpful year-round, like controlling your locks remotely, monitoring and recording activity outside, and communicating with visitors at your door even while you are away. But these benefits can be even more pronounced during colder and shorter days. With a smart lock you can avoid fussing with keys while trying to get in out of the cold. Instead, unlock the door with your phone before even arriving at the door. And with a doorbell camera installed, get confidence in knowing who is at the door even after dark when the sun is down early.

3. Protection for Your Home When House Fires are More Common

Smart Smoke Detectors

House fires tend to increase during colder weather–furnaces being a major cause. Smoke detectors have long been an essential part of a home, helping to protect the house and the people and pets inside of them. The problem is that traditional smoke detectors only work if someone is around to hear the alarm. This leaves homes vulnerable when people are away.

Shouldn't you be aware of an alarm even if you aren’t home? Well, with the installation of smart smoke detectors in your home, you can do just that. Get notified of an alarm even if you are away and have the reassurance that comes with knowing you are informed. What's more, a smart smoke detector can even sync with other smart devices to make your home safer in the event of a fire, such as turning off your HVAC system, unlocking your doors, and turning on the lights, making all of these other smart devices more valuable.

4. Get the most out of your home, even when the days are shorter

Automated Outdoor Lighting

We typically consider the outside of our homes to be safer, more secure, and more livable during the daylight. But outdoor lighting can also address each of these issues after dark, when they still matter. With automated outdoor lighting, you can illuminate tricky walking paths, deter intruders, enjoy your outdoor living spaces, and display your home well. And with a smart/ automated system, your outdoor lighting can be programmed to run on a schedule, triggered by motion, and even controlled with your phone whether you are home or away.

It's easier than ever to get the comfort, energy savings, security, and peace of mind that home automation / smart home devices can provide as the weather cools this autumn and beyond. As we've seen, rather than simply an upgrade to traditional household items, these devices add completely new functionality to help you gain more control in managing your home.

At BCU Electric, we've helped many homeowners get the benefits of managing their home with smart devices and we'd love to do the same for you. Contact us to discuss your needs and potential benefits of home automation / smart home devices for you. 

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