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3 Signs It’s Time to Get a Whole House Generator

August 24, 2021

From the nightlight in our child’s room, to our freezers stocked full of meat and veggies, our homes demand a constant supply of electricity. However, we all face a variety of circumstances that can disrupt the flow of power. 

While there are a lot of reasons supporting the advisability of owning a portable generator, it may be time to acknowledge three common signs that your home needs a whole house generator instead. 

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1. Frequent Power-Outages & Bad Weather

In Ohio, we face lots of thunderstorms, flooding, and icy winters. These frequent storms tend to cause power outages for an indefinite amount of time. After a while, it becomes a hassle having to run a small, portable generator. Instead, a whole house generator is able to run for a longer period of time and turns on automatically. This helps avoid having to go out in the storms, or getting up in the middle of the night to turn on a portable generator or make sure it’s functioning properly.

2. Powering Lots of Devices

In addition to the nightlights and freezers, you probably want to have a variety of other devices plugged in and running during a power outage. For instance, laptops, cell phones, televisions, stoves, lamps, lights, and more are all part of our routines that require electricity. Portable generators don’t have the strength to be able to supply power to all of these devices at once, especially not for long periods of time. Whole house generators provide a longer and steadier supply of power to the devices you and your family use and need at any hour of the day. 

3. Frequent Travel or Long Work Hours 

Whether you frequently travel for work or you’re working those long night shifts, when the icy storms creep in, you may not be home when your power goes out. If this is the case, a portable generator is useless and you would lose anything stored in your freezers, or face an even bigger disaster, such as your pipes freezing up. Relying on the benefits of a whole house generator will give you peace of mind while you’re away.

Being ahead of the game will help you be prepared for any challenge life throws your way. Contact BCU today for a free quote on your whole house generator!

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